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Video Digest comparator


The video investigation system is aimed at the needs of the police on the scene of handling a case, and the video investigators can quickly complete a whole series of work including video collection, analysis, search, research and judgment, and case management through the system, simple and practical operation, equipped with special protective box protection equipment, excellent actual combat capability. 1. Core functions: video concentration, video search, video enhancement, image sharpness 2. POWERFUL FUNCTIONS: including case management, clue management, clue editing, report generation, parallel case, etc. 3. Excellent performance: The main technical performance indicators industry is far ahead of the video import speed. 1G Video 5 seconds successful import, the first video rectification technology; collision-free concentrated video. Industry exclusive, to ensure that the video concentration without target ghosting phenomenon; the fastest retrieval speed. 50,000 targets in one second, leading the rest of the industry by a wide margin.

ADVANTAGES OF BRIGHT SCENE VIDEO DETECTION SYSTEM: 1, close to actual combat: from video collection and management, case study and judgment, to clue mark, case report, to meet the actual needs of police video investigation and case handling 2, simple and easy to use: only 10 minutes can be easily start video investigation and case handling 3, extremely fast experience: fully independent intellectual property rights of the artificial intelligence technology engine, through GPU accelerated computing, video Image analysis search speed is very fast.

Video Detection workflow one, intelligent video detection two core steps: Rough Processing: In a large number of video through video concentration and video search fast technology to find valuable clues; Second, the video detection system main function 1, the case management, the video detection case storehouse, the clue storehouse, the case statistics, the string juxtaposes the case function; 2, video concentration, video search, video non-linear annotation, image clarity, video transcoding and other functions; 3, Video Reconnaissance Tools, universal playback, electronic map, video platform download calls and other powerful auxiliary functions.

Video Image Capture Summary comparator:The Video Image Acquisition Abstract comparator is a portable case-handling equipment, which integrates the three core functions of video acquisition, abstract fusion, video retrieval and video detection process into one, the invention solves the problems of slow video collection speed, heavy workload of video viewing and tedious searching for video clues. At the same time, the video image capturing and comparing device can use the network management module to provide the video results of the abstract and retrieval to the client for reading, suitable for 1 to 5 people to participate in reading the video, can play the video image summary Comparator maximum performance. Video Image Capture Abstract comparator network version of the product by mobile workstation (Server) , access client, the functions are as follows: 1. Video Image Acquisition Summary Server: with case management, video summary Compression processing, user management, summary Management and other functions; 2. Access Client: WITH VIDEO UPLOAD, access to video, generate video clues, study clues and other functions. 3. Mobile workstation (server side) function: Case Management: With the case name, description and case related monitoring point information management, can be added, deleted and modified operations.FORMAT COMPATIBILITY: the video summary Processing function can compress one or more monitor points, and can process the video record file at least including264、601、692、800、801、a64、aira、asf、av、avc、avi、avx、bn、bsr、csv5、dat、dav、djl、dvf、dvr、edh、exe、flv、ge5、h264、h3crd、h64、hav、he4、hie、ifv、ivs、lm、m4c、mg4、mis、mod、mp、mp4、mpg、mph、mpk、mts、nsf、nv4、Nvms_PlayHik、ps、rec、sdv、str、sv3、sv4、sv5、tk6、tkl、tm4、ts、vrd、vdg、ya2、zvVideo files in more than 80 video formats and 600 video encoding formats, and generate a video content-based index that supports no less than 4 video concurrent processing, the result is a short, standard-coded summary video that the client can access.Summary Processing 1, support for 1080P, 720P, D1, CIF, 2CIF, Qcif, and other resolution video summary Processing; 2, support for summary Processing while video import, at the same time, we can choose whether to process the imported video immediately after importing. 3, we can support the video task of abstract processing to be unsampled and twice sampled 4, support the task of summary Processing according to the video scene to choose the day and night two scenes processing; 5, support in the same interface to switch the form of tabs to show the case details, processing tasks, processing progress; At the same time support in the form of the list to select cases to switch the display of the case details of the case, processing tasks, processing progress and other information;Electronic Map Management 1, with 19 levels or above of the plane and satellite maps, with map management functions, for the client to browse the map, add or delete marker information, vector map drawing track, MAP survey and other operations; Support to add the local picture as the case map, 3, support to add the monitoring point Mark Information and base station information manually, and support each time not less than 10,000 monitoring point information batch import; 4, support in the offline map and can be saved in the offline map; 5, support the offline map set to the local map function; 6, support the preservation of multiple track map function; and can be exported and deleted in bulk; 7, support automatically generated track according to the cue time 8, support the mouse box selection of the offline map on the rectangular area, control the offline map to show or hide the selected area monitoring points; 9. Drag and drop the monitor points from the list of cases on the left to the off-line map to mark the monitor points;

Management of access to information:1. Multi-user access has multi-user access, playback video at the same time, for the case involving more video, multi-user access can improve the efficiency of video access. Fast forward, slow play, frame-by-frame, loop, frame-by-frame and other playback controls are available to capture cutaway images and video snippets. DENSITY ADJUSTMENT PARAMETER: DENSITY GRADE: 1 ~ 5; multi-screen Playback Window: ≥4; Original Target Location Speed Index: 50,000 ~ 100,000 targets, speed ≤3 seconds; 10,000 ~ 50,000 targets, speed ≤2 seconds; less than 10,000 targets, speed ≤1 second; Note: The original target location speed, that is, through the abstract file of the target access to the original video frequency of the target.2. The enrichment player system should have the enrichment player setting in the shortcut key under the video. After the area is demarcated, the video will be slowed down (0.2,0.4,0.6,0.8,1.0) for the object of interest For unfocused area targets, the video will be played quickly (1.0,2.0,4.0,6.0,8.0) , and support a variety of keyboard shortcuts (frame-by-frame, fast forward, slow play, screenshots, video clips to download, partial amplification, playback loop, video regulation control) ,3. The assignment of access task can make access task clear and clear and standardize the access task of case video through the assignment and management of multi-user rights. The video clue management has the function of collecting the clue track information uploaded by each client, describing the clue video and the clue information, and collecting the time calibration function in the case management, show all the clues in a list form. It can preview the single video clue and make use of the space-time relation to carry on the function operation of comprehensive analysis. A list of video clues can be saved and printed.Video content retrieval management 1, providing video retrieval according to the separation of people and vehicles, target color, intelligent rules, time domain retrieval, graphical retrieval, color separation and other conditions; 2. Support to export the retrieval result and retrieve it twice; 3. Support to show or hide the intelligent rules and mark the target in the original video screen of the retrieval result; 4. Support to use the same retrieval condition to retrieve all video data of more than 2 cases, such as color, separation of people and vehicles, graph retrieval, etc.  5. The retrieval results can be sorted according to time, target size and similarity, and the number of images per line can be controlled, at least 4,6,8,10 images per line can be supported 6. Support to enter the page number jump to show the search results;Case Statistics Management A) case information statistics: statistics of the case video, clues, access to quantitative information, convenient case information for the record and regular case data analysis. B) the case Summary Report: For the case of the whole clue information summary, automatically generate case report file, facilitate the case investigators to the case of information summary and case progress phase of the sharing of the case. C) one-click summary into the system’s own case video library, including the original video, summary video and clue video, database field description requirements in accordance with the Public Safety Industry Standard Ga/z 1129-2013. D) supporting the case of automatic string-parallel matching function, can be based on a variety of conditions to query, provide a variety of means to assist the study of intelligence information. The security authentication has the function of setting up the cases displayed in the case management and controlling whether they can be deleted or not,Case setting and Basic Setting 1, support through parameter setting, control device can use the number of CPU threads, 2, can control the summary file storage location of the minimum remaining space; 3, you can control the total file size of each monitoring point task, 4, you can control which cases are displayed in the case management interface, 5, you can control the number of seconds that the picture plays ahead of time and the total number of seconds that the picture plays;2/3-d model comparison function provides 2/3-d and video images of vehicles for model comparison. 2/3-d models can be used to build a database. 2-d model pictures are more than 8000,3-d models are more than 450, and a continuous, free update to the model. Copy screen for the video that can not be processed, that is, some video that does not recognize the format, the client provides copy screen function, the video that does not recognize the format is recorded on the screen, and converted into a common coding format recognized by the system, this feature makes it easy for the computer to format the video while the scout is resting at night. The CUE video editor allows users to edit a local clip of the cue video, which is called an Non-linear editing system. After each cue video is edited, it is combined in the order of the cue, spliced into a finished dynamic trajectory video, while the video can be exported to the local and secondary editing. Cue Summary is a local summary of the clues found in the video clip, which is gathered in the cue generation function, you can perform functions such as previewing a video of an existing clue, editing the description of the clue, exporting the video, manually adding the clue, and exporting the clue list. User Management: Has the management function of the client user, define different permission according to the user role. Video, image processing: Video Capture, dynamic video clips for clear processing, including sharpening, image enhancement, contrast adjustment, single frame reconstruction, histogram adjustment and other functions. Online upgrade function: In the public security network or the Internet can automatically upgrade software programs.GET STARTED: support for using help in the form of video on the home screen, at least with how to build a case, how to import video, how to deal with video, how to view video summary, how to conduct intelligent rule retrieval, how to generate clues, how to use maps and other forms of video presentation help;

Access client functions:Summary Access: Each client has access to the mobile workstation (server) function on the processing of summary Video, to find the target image annotation, video clip, description of clues, etc. , the client can identify the reading progress of the summary Video, which is convenient for the clarification of the task when the staff hand over the work.Offline electronic map: The client has the function of browsing the electronic map, and the offline electronic map service comes from the server, including off-line map monitoring point marking, map measurement, track rendering, base station marking, other geographical information point marking, two-dimensional map display and other functions. VIDEO UPLOAD: Each client has the function of uploading video, the video resources submitted by the collection staff will be uploaded, unified in the video cloud backup (storage server) storage, centralized management, and, the video image sampling and comparing device can process the video centrally, and other clients can call the original video resources from the backup device at any time.Target screening: Each client can perform target screening locally, that is, search processing, with the optional conditions of target color, active region, cross-line detection, as well as the realization of human-vehicle separation and retrieval.Picture playback function: Each client has a picture playback function, can extract the original video key frames, 1 Second 1 frame way to display the picture, double-click the picture can play the corresponding original video.Case Information Upload: The device can upload the case information to the video reconnaissance network battle system or the case-related video database, in order to share and publish the case information with the system. License plate recognition and retrieval: The device has the function of automatically intercepting license plate information from video and displaying all license plate information in the form of pictures, the retrieved results can be associated with the original video for playback and can generate video clues.Face recognition and retrieval: The device has the function of automatically extracting all the face information in the video and displaying it as an image. It can input an external face image and retrieve the extracted face image, the search results can be sorted by similarity. Clue screening and sharing: The clue screening function means that the client user can initially screen the local clues, mark the urgency of the clues, and facilitate the secondary analysis and evaluation of the upper authorities, in the screening process, the clues can be previewed, played, exported, etc. . 2d/3d vehicle model matching function: The device can provide 2d/3d and video capture vehicle model matching function, the vehicle model can use 2d/3d model database, the number of 2D vehicle model pictures ≥10000,3D vehicle model ≥50, and a continuous, free update to the model. Original video viewing: The client can play the original video and provide four windows to play the original video at the same time, the same can be the target in the video screen shot, callout, video clip, text description.

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